Bid my travel

  • In February 2010 Bid my travel was born from the unique idea that online travel bidding and auction sites should meet the specific needs, desires and budget of the traveler. The Bid my travel platform does just that: Giving the prospective traveler the opportunity to choose a "tailor-made travel experience".

  • It's really simple and free! The prospective traveler describes their "wish list" in as much detail as they’d like: flavors, colors, sounds and even the how they want to feel on their journey. Of course, budget is a useful detail, but not the most important one. The only mandatory field is the due date for receiving a tailor-made trip proposal of their dreams!

  • Behind the scenes with our travel operators: Once the traveler submits their request, our search engine goes to work sorting and matching a traveler’s wishes with the best experts to make their wishes come true.

  • As experienced industry professionals, they’ll build a personalized and comprehensive proposal that often includes Instagram photos, YouTube videos, TripAdvisor comments, stories and any other enhancements that help the traveler choose the perfect trip at the best price.

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